Self-Confidence. Freedom. Peace of Mind. Making Life Abroad YOURS. Hell YEAH!

Meet Gabriela: The Confident Expat


Was it always like this? Well… no.

It took me two international moves, anxiety and burnout, to get here. To feel at home, wherever I am.


That’s what one “career coach” told me three months after arriving in Vienna. Funny enough, she “meant well “… she continued…


And the cherry on top of the cake.


Crash boom bang!

***buckle up! Inspiring story alert! Yes, as cheesy as they can be… But I’m confident enough to share it with you! 😉 ***

I come from a country, my beloved Chile, where it is not easy to claim the ladder. I was the first one in my family to graduate from college and work on what I studied.

I got a prestigious position in the HR department of a company with more than five thousand employees. I had all I wanted: success, confidence, meaningful relationships, money, travels, academic recognition… and out of the blue…

The Austrian guy appeared and turned my world upside down. I wanted to live abroad; I wanted to be with him. How difficult can it be to be 14.000 km from my family, learn a new language, adjust to the weather, and not have friends… right?!


I can imagine you nodding and smiling…


After the honeymoon phase of discovering the wonders of Europe, reality kicked in.

I was anxious because I struggled with the language barrier, trying to find a job, meeting new people and making friends, and dealing with losing my independence.

I had to ask him to go with me to the gynecologist, for freak’s sake!

All of these impacted tremendously my perception of my abilities, strengths, and achievements.


Nothing mattered. That coach was right!


I was losing my will to do anything because I didn’t see the potential of having the life I was dreaming of.

I was on the verge of depression, and my self-image and confidence hid their heads like a scared and tired ostrich. I kept it all to myself because I didn’t want it to affect my relationship and worry my people back home.

Then one very, very grey day, I woke up crying. I was alone in the flat and felt free to grieve. And after that morning, I decided to prioritize me and my mental health.

Now I understand that this experience made me reconnect with the confident and powerful me that got lost in the baggage of that plane a couple of years back.


After a few weeks of working on myself and focusing on my mental health:


My language skills improved immensely


I got the perfect job for me


I felt more connected than ever with my people back home


I made amazing new connections


My relationship thrived, and I felt even more in love than before


I could manage my anxiety and face future challenges easily and trusting myself.

The key to everything was always there, waving, jumping, and screaming, but I wasn’t ready to listen.




Not by waiting to “feel it.”


Not by longing for the person you used to be.


Not by “manifesting” to the universe.


Not by fighting and hiding the self-destructive thoughts.


All of that DOESN’T WORK!

What DOES work? What worked for me and will for you is:

Identifying the needs behind the emotions to manage the intrusive negative thoughts paralyzing you.

Connecting with your values and strengths you had and the ones you developed in your expat years.

Moving forward towards the person you want to become, defining what is important to you and how you want to behave.

Pursuing your goals. Even if it’s hard and anxiety shows up. The only way of gaining confidence is committed action.

Working with a mental health professional (ideally a psychologist, of course!) who can guide you through all this with assertiveness, empathy, authenticity, and a gazillion years of experience (professional and as an expat). Yes, that’s me ;).

Once you take committed action, everything changes.

Your anxiety is not an obstacle anymore

Your relationship with yourself and with the ones you love improves

You feel comfortable in your own skin and free to do whatever you want

Your path to fulfillment and happiness is ready to be walked.

Who is this confident expat?

I’m a licensed psychologist (Chile) and certified coach (Austria) with more than 20 years of experience and I understand multiculturality challenges, because I lived three big moves.

I speak English, hablo Español und ich spreche Deutsch.

My approach is practical,  solution-oriented and focused on the present.

So far I’ve helped more than 400 expats reclaim their self-confidence, discover themselves and their happiness in a new country.




Think about everything you have tried so far that hasn’t worked.

Think about the motives behind those strategies: hiding, avoiding, trying to make it disappear.

Now think all you can achieve if you work with me and my framework (that I use in ALL my offers)

Don’t wait any longer!

This is my story. If you want, we can start a new page of your story together, filled with acceptance, self-compassion, courage, love. AND FREAKING CONFIDENCE!

Begin today to improve your quality of life substantially and sustainably. To flourish, accept your decision to live abroad and ultimately feel at home wherever you are.

I’ll be here, waiting to join you on this beautiful journey.


By your side,


Overcome Limiting Beliefs of Life Abroad

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Overcome Limiting Beliefs of Life Abroad

(spot and flip the 5 most common and damaging expat beliefs!)