Was meine Klientinnen sagen

Empfehlungen von Klientinnen, die ihr internationales Leben jetzt genießen!

***Um die Privatsphäre meiner Klientinnen zu schützen, habe ich sie um Testimonials mit nur 3 grundlegenden Angaben ersucht: Vorname, Herkunfts – und Gastland***

I was in a moment with a lot of change (new country, new job) and feeling a bit lost and unsettled and torn between wanting to be in different places whilst also looking for a sense of ‘home’ – as well as being at a kind of transitional age in my early 40s reflecting on how to navigate a life which didn’t necessarily follow a conventional path. Also, I felt there were certain anxieties that were always in the back of my mind, mainly about family conflicts and feeling responsible for but also wanting to avoid long-term issues. I also had sometimes overwhelming bouts of sadness and grief, partly connected with past relationships and feelings of rejection. Mainly, I felt that I wanted to live my life in a way which held meaning for me, and not to detach myself but to experience the full range of feelings and possibilities with less fear.

I think I was afraid that going into difficult feelings would end up making me feel worse overall, to put a lot of pressure to change myself, or to create a gulf with my family. Although it has brought up strong feelings, that hasn’t happened – what is really helpful about Gabriela’s approach is that it is so practical – rather than going round and round in circles endlessly analysing (which I tend to do), it involves actions towards specific goals/desires and gradually changing behaviours and ways of reacting to difficult situations (but in the understanding that we also cannot control what we feel and that’s fine too). I feel like it actually gives more agency to me to decide how I can and want to act, and by viewing it as a learning or experimental process then it removes the pressure to immediately ‘do it right’ or to be too focused on the outcome.

I think the best way I can describe changes are in terms of things I’ve been able to do which would have felt quite impossible before  – one thing in particular for me was being able to have conversations that I was afraid of having, and to make myself emotionally vulnerable without experiencing rejection, or extreme fear of rejection. I’ve found that (when I’m aware and taking positive actions) that background levels of anxiety connected with particular relationships or issues, or situations that would have been emotionally overwhelming have become less powerful and easier to handle. I also think that it’s helped me to be more honest with myself and aware of my emotions, and clearer about my values and the things which are important to me on different levels, and helped me to realise that I do have the ability to move towards and prioritise these in my life.

I would say that Gabriela is just the right balance of kind and pushy – as in, she is very patient and understanding, but at the same time hones in on the things I am avoiding or not wanting to admit to and firmly insists that we focus on those things (maybe this is not the case for everyone but I sometimes really need to be pushed out of my comfort zone). It always amazes me how she finds the thread which runs through all the apparently disparate issues I bring up, and to gently encourages me to dig more deeply to find and understand the root. However, I think the distinction of Gabriela’s approach is that understanding oneself better is not the end goal – the point is then what kind of practical actions and steps follow from this knowledge, in a very specific and clear way, which is the thing which really leads to change. In particular, it’s very good to get ‘homework’ exercises, as it gives some accountability and the sense that I can take actions for myself rather than being passive or making excuses, as well as points to reflect on continuously rather than limiting it to just within the one hour of the session.



English Expat living in several countries

I’ve had such an incredible experience working with Gabriela! When I initially sought her out, I had not had particularly helpful or lasting experiences with psychologists. I was ready to find a good fit – I wanted someone that would challenge me so I could make tangible progress in my healing journey and also someone that could work with me, a digital nomad, regardless of my location so I wasn’t starting over with someone new every few months.

Happy to say I’ve found a great fit in Gabriela as my psychologist – and even better, she understands the unique circumstances of my non-traditional, travel lifestyle as a traveler and expat herself. We’ve now been working together for nearly 12 months and it has been – by far! – the best therapy experience I’ve had and I’m thrilled with my progress.

Specifically, and based on my personal needs, we’ve focused primarily on my relationships with friends and family, procrastination and overthinking, as well as navigating and ultimately leaving a difficult work environment. With Gabriela’s help, I’ve learned to acknowledge and address the unspoken fears and insecurities in my friendships, even asking more of my friends to ensure the relationships add value to my life and are worthy of my time and energy.

She has helped me remember to take action vs. staying in my head and letting my emotions dictate what I’m able to accomplish as it relates to my goals and envisioned future. She gives me actionable steps to navigate the big picture and make the process, timeline, and steps feel manageable and reduce overwhelm. She also helped me set boundaries in a difficult and unstructured work environment that was causing a lot of emotional turmoil and stress. Ultimately, setting these boundaries and watching them continue to be tested and even disrespected helped me to put my foot down and step away from the situation with courage and confidence.

Gabriela has supported me through all of the above with compassion, empathy, and genuine care – and without judgment or guilt. She celebrates my wins enthusiastically, reminds me what and who brings me authentic joy, challenges me to dig deeper, asks me thought-provoking questions, and encourages me to build habits that support my healing journey outside of our one-on-one sessions.

Between sessions, I’m able to WhatsApp her for additional support, or just to vent and give her insight into what I’m processing and feeling during a specific moment in time.

I am endlessly grateful to have found Gabriela and have her in my corner – she has created a safe, comfortable space for me to share my personal experiences and navigate healing, growth, and life in general! 


Digital Nomad traveling worldwide

I pursued Gabriela’s help after 3 years living abroad in Israel.  In those three years, I had started an online business (and was deep in burn-out), struggling deeply with learning the language, navigated all the complications around Covid (I moved in 2019), and more.  Even though I had a circle of loving friends, and a happy marriage, no one could really understand what I was going through.  So, I googled „expat burnout“ and I found Gabriela.
I’ve worked with several business coaches and life coaches over the past few years (two of which I unsuccessfully hired to help me with these burnout feelings I had) – and I was tired of the same glossed-over strategies and „overnight results“ promises and shallow advice that didn’t work.  I was tired of meditating and writing affirmations on my bathroom mirror 😉 I wanted someone who got me, someone who could give me practical actionable advice, to hold me accountable, and give me a special kind of support and understanding.  I am a growth-oriented person – and I wanted help healing and growing in my weird wonderful challenging life.

I’ve been working with Gabriela for a year now (and counting).  The change has been slower than those business coaches‘ unrealistically lofty promises 😉 BUT – it’s actually worked.  THAT is the difference.  I’m out of that burn-out pit in my work.  I feel more comfortable speaking broken Hebrew, and not guilty or anxious about learning it slowly.  I’ve been healing old childhood wounds.  My marriage has been strengthened and deepened through our work. And even when those I love can’t quite understand my unique expat growing pains, I know that someone who understands is just a text away.  That alone was a massive relief.

I’ve highly recommended her to my other expat friends and will continue to do so 🙂 


US Expat living in Israel

I sought Gabriela´s help after moving abroad for the first time by myself. I found it hard to stay by myself and developed anxiety because of a whole new lifestyle.
Working with Gabriela put a lot of things into perspective for me and she equipped me with a lot of tools to apply in my day to day. I understood that a lot of people go through challenges while settling into a new country and it is possible to overcome those struggles.
I loved that she is available for support in between sessions. The process is not linear but on the hard days, I am able to use the tools provided to help me get through the hard season.
I would recommend anyone who has moved or is considering moving to a new city/country/continent to reach out to Gabriela as she has immense knowledge to share in this area that can be used in many other areas in our lives.

Kenyan Expat living in Spain

When I moved to a foreign country on account of my husband’s career, I really struggled to adjust to my new life. Far away from friends and family, and with a history of anxiety and depression, I knew I needed help from a licensed professional with a specialty in dealing with expat-life.
I was worried that I would never truly be able to feel at home in this new country and that I would forever be lost and alone, fully dependent on my husband. Happy to say that that did not happen! I learned important skills to help my thoughts slow down and have more grace with myself.
In a more practical sense, I got some helpful tips from Gabriela on how to adjust in a new country slowly but surely without being overwhelmed, as well as how to maintain healthy relationships with my friends and family in South Africa. This is such a valuable platform for me to discuss many important topics that I don’t otherwise have the opportunity to do and that help me adjust to life here.
I often recommend Gabriela to dear friends! Some of the other expat ladies here have similar experiences to mine and all of us find it difficult to talk about, experiencing a sort of shame and guilt. Gabriela has first hand experience combined with professional training in how to help you understand your feelings, deal with them, escape the guilt and shame and eventually thrive in a new environment. I cannot recommend her more highly!

South African Expat living in Portugal

I sought counseling with Gabriela because I am an expat who was diagnosed with a rare Stage 4 cancer (there’s currently no cure) a few months after moving abroad. In my journey, I’ve reached a place where I needed help and insight as to how to accept my chronic illness so I can live the best life possible now that I’ve had to pivot my expectations as to what my life overseas looks like.

I’m very open and really had no concerns about working with Gabriela as I wear my heart on my sleeve. My biggest appeal to working with her was her knowledge of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Perhaps, my biggest concern was how she’d be able to help me to apply this approach to my situation. However, I soon realized that ACT therapy is transferable to any situation – big or small.

During our time together, I took away useful tools and strategies that have helped (and continue to help) me get through the grey I’m experiencing so that I can fully reach acceptance. This is far from an overnight process, but I feel working with Gabriela has been a good launch pad to get me where I want (and deserve) to be. 

Gabriela is excellent at connecting the dots, goal-oriented, accessible, and compassionate. Regardless of your struggle – big or small – Gabriela is a great counselor to help you get where you want to be! 


US Expat living in Spain

I knew from the very beginning that working with Gabriela will help me. During our first session she outlined briefly what the sessions would look like and when she mentioned homework my inner nerd immediately thought: yesss, this is the right person for me 😊

I decided to seek help due to missing my home country a lot and anxiety connected with it. I found it quite surprising as I had lived in the UK for more than three years before meeting Gabriela and I had never experienced anxiety connected with it. Gabriela during the first two sessions helped me discover that the anxiety is actually connected with my relationship rather than being an expat and, as a result, I was able to make really crucial decisions in my life and I will be forever grateful for Gabriela’s help.

During the sessions we focused on discussing my family background, my relationships and my values. This last bit I found extremely helpful as it allows me to live the life I want to be truly happy with what I have. What really worked for me in terms of the practicalities is a clear plan of what we are going to do long term but also during each sessions, a clear structure of them and the work I had to do after each session.

Being an expat can be a wonderful and rewarding experience but it can also be really difficult and we should definitely talk about it more, especially the difficult parts. That’s why I think what Gabriela is doing is extremely important and I would recommend her to everyone who wants to find home within themselves.


Polish Expat living in the UK

I am so glad I had the opportunity to speak with Gabriela after attending the Language and Mental Wellness Conference. I am currently at the fork in the road with one path leading to expat life. I knew I needed to speak with someone who could both listen and respond to my thoughts without judgment.

Gabriela is both patient and professional. She helped me think through my thoughts on expat life in a way that was both challenging and motivating. She used her expertise to not only listen but also respond with clear insight into the possibilities and realities of becoming an expat. She also equipped me with tools and a perspective that helped me better understand my life now and what I plan for the future. She asked me hard questions that *needed* to be asked in order for me to realize „how“ and „why“ I want to pursue expat life.

For anyone who is strongly considering expat life, I would highly recommend Gabriela without hesitation.


Soon-to-be Expat from the US

I decided to contact Gabriela because I needed someone outside my immediate circle to talk to. I was feeling overwhelmed but felt I had to show a brave, “strong face” to those around me. I also wanted a professional opinion on what I was experiencing.

I suppose I was concerned that I wouldn’t be understood, or that I had such big problems that I needed serious help. But instead Gabriela not only heard and understood me, she was so encouraging as she helped me name what I was experiencing and see that I was not a strange, hopeless case. I learnt to accept my emotions, stop hiding them from myself or others, and to be kinder to myself.

Gabriela has also helped me see the value in being vulnerable in front of my closest friends and family, and not be afraid to show them and tell them when I am struggling. In a special way, this past year I have been able to have much deeper conversations with some friends who are also going through difficult times – all because I was open to share my own challenges and experiences with them first.

I was so happy to find a therapist that speaks English, and understands my unusual life journey! The fact that all her sessions are online means you can have your sessions with her even when you are travelling, or stuck at home in quarantine. And meeting with her online doesn’t even feel like we are in two different countries – she is warm and engaging and easy to talk to. I would really recommend Gabriela as a therapist to expat women in any season of their lives.


South African Expat living in Germany

I had been feeling a deep sadness in the previous months and I couldn’t quite figure out why. My attempts of “self-coaching” were not showing any improvement. And even though I was surrounded by my loved ones, I felt disconnected, misunderstood and lonely.

Having met Gabriela at a virtual coffee a few months earlier, I knew the chemistry was good and following her on Social Media reinforced my first impression that she really knows what she’s doing. Her qualifications and experience as a psychologist plus her first-hand expat experiences are an excellent mix. I loved to be able to switch back and forth between my three main languages: German, English and Spanish – no big deal for her, she knows them all!  I knew she was the only one I wanted to work with.

Sessions with Gabriela were a true revelation from day one. I had big aha moments, made lots of progress and also a few steps backwards. Knowing that she was always “by my side” and I could text her anytime, gave me strength and made me feel safe at all times. Gabriela applied the principles of ACT, explaining every step of the way and guided me through difficult situations from my daily life. With the tools I learned, I feel very equipped to continue on my own. I am deeply grateful for Gabriela’s guidance and can highly recommend working with her.


German (multiple) Expat and Repat

I had really been struggling with anxiety and guilt about living abroad, and though I had tried therapy locally I felt that what I really needed was to talk with someone who had an understanding of what it means to be an expat and the challenges that come along with that.

I found Gabriela via a Google search and I am SO glad that I did – she is warm and friendly and understanding, and not only does she really „get“ expat struggles, but she also has many concrete solutions and recommendations to offer that I have found so helpful in every aspect of my life. Sometimes it really felt like she knew me better than I knew myself!

She has helped me feel more confident in my decisions, more accepting of my own emotions, and more empowered to live the life that is right for me, and I would recommend her to anyone living abroad who needs a boost or some support in working through whatever challenges they are experiencing.


US Expat living in Austria

There wasn’t only a reason why I wanted to work with Gabriela. I wanted to explore what was to be an expat after many years living abroad. Anxiety and covid worries were very high at that time for me. I knew it was time to take care of my mental health and do something for myself and to work with someone that could relate with my experiences was a must.

Our work together has changed me in may ways I cannot begin to explain. The tools she shared helped me to change my perspective on rage and guilt and has lead me to be more gentle and merciful with myself. To hold myself and my feelings accountable. They all have something to say. My anxiety levels are very much controlled and acknowledged now.

‚Put a Gabriela in your life‘ that’s all what I would say. I love there is as much space for laughs and tears in her sessions; the honesty and truth coming from her. Knowing she is available in between sessions via mail or wassap makes me feel held and safer. I am surprised how amazing is to be in different parts of the world and so close at the same time.


Spanish Expat living in Ireland

Thinking, thinking and more thinking about what to do next in my life. I was going in circles, with family guilt and obligations weighing down. I knew I wanted to move back to Spain, but what about our family duties?

Finally, I decided I had to dive in and address these emotions. What a growing experience! Gabriela really is easy to talk to, she helped me be aware of my feelings… repeatedly, she is so easy to relate to, and we worked very well together. I love her links to readings, her workshop on guilt that I took as well was so productive.

Honestly, I highly recommend her. Give it a try! Make it your gift to yourself!


Soon-to-be Expat in Spain, from the US

After six years of living, working, and founding a family in a Central American country, I had difficulties with the transition back to my home country. I was suffering from anxiety and stress; our family life was out of balance, and I felt strange, alone, and out of place in my old hometown. I was looking for support to manage this difficult time more proactively. I found Gabriela and was immediately interested in her expertise in working repats combined with her experience as a licensed psychologist and expert in ACT.

The work with Gabriela helped me to navigate the transition time without compromising my mental health. Knowing that repats pass for different phases in the transition back home helped me to better understand and accept what was happening to me and my family. The work with her also helped me to focus and prioritize on my personal well-being in a time where everything else seemed to be urgent and in need of attention. She introduced me to different tools that helped me change how I was approaching stress and conflict. I really liked the idea behind ACT and the tools that still help me to center myself when I feel anxiety.

I definitely recommend Gabriela for anybody who is looking for support in difficult time of transition and change. She is a really nice and understanding person with a lot of expertise in coaching repats. She is always asking the right questions and knows how to make you reflect differently on your problems. I learned a lot in the sessions with her and still refer to the tools she taught me.


Former Expat in Central America, Repat in Germany

I reached out to Gabriela because I was struggling with unresolved issues in my family back home. Thanks to her I learned to let go of this yearning to see the issues in my family resolved and I can finally start to see how this is not about me, but about them. I can now start to focus on what is within my control while moving forward, trying to keep my family in my life and keeping the peace, while at the same time protecting myself and respecting my boundaries.

I absolutely recommend Gabriela! She is both a warm and friendly person, who allows you to be vulnerable and release your emotions, and she will not hesitate to confront you with uncomfortable truths in order to help you move forward. I am a different person than I was before we started working together!


Belgian Expat living in France

​I have been working with Gabriela since August 2020 and my experience with her has been wonderful. I came to her for help regarding dealing with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as she had been recommended to me through a friend. Since that time she and I have been meeting every other week and, in less than a year, I can confidently say I now enjoy a level of mental freedom I had not had in a long time.

Gabriela is very patient and kind, and she has, from day one, always allowed for our appointments to be a safe space where I can be myself, cry and laugh when needed. She has also given me some great tools to help me handle anxious thinking. In addition, Gabriela is always available on text should I need to ask her any questions or need support with processing repetitive mental thoughts or anxiety. I highly and happily recommend her services to any and all!


Spanish Expat living in the United States

I reached out to Gabriela after a big crazy relocation (unforeseen due to COVID disruption) and I was feeling really out of my depth, especially when it came to processing change and thinking through my social connections and skills. Gabriela helped me identify a structure of meaning and clarity to process and reach out to others and suggested clear simple steps outside my comfort zone to arrive at my goal of support and stability. I recommend working with Gabriela as her kind, warm, effective manner was exactly what I needed.


Ugandan Expat living in England

The transition was slow because I carried baggage that wasn’t allowing me to move forward. I noticed shifts starting our first session. I wasn’t prepared to apply some changes, but Gabriela was there, holding my hand and encouraging me to look into my resources and all my life experience. It seems simple, but it isn’t. I found a new (unexpected) purpose for me, thanks to our work together.

Contact Gabriela! Her knowledge and experience and her smile and kindness create a place of transformation, self-compassion and acceptance. I feel confident about the future!


Spanish Expat living in Germany

I’m a new person, and I’m not exaggerating. For me, it is a before and after Gabriela. I contacted her in a desperate state, and she helped me collect the pieces and start to build my new powerful, confident, and resourceful me. Every session, every audio, every email, all of it helped me to be where I am now. By accepting the whole me (especially my negative emotions, now I am a big fan of all of them!) now I’m finally (after 5 years!!!!) enjoying my expat life. The „I don’t have to do anything“ mantra is staying with me forever.
Thank you Gabriela, we are definitely staying in touch!


German Expat living in Chile.

It isn’t easy to summarize how Gabriela’s program have helped me. I still remember our first meeting and although I knew her from her Instagram posts and youtube videos, seeing her „live“ was even better. She had me at „I’ll be with you through the whole process“. And indeed she was. My life abroad has improved in so many ways! I found empathy, a clear procedure, concrete steps and easiness. We laughed in every session, even when I was feeling awful, she managed to bring a smile to my face. Everything went so smoothly! She really listens and adapted her strategy and homework to my needs.
She is your person if you are an expat and struggling with your life abroad. She is your person, believe me.


Portuguese Expat living in Austria

Gabriela truly provided me life-changing advice and support, and the progress I made between our first and 8th session was tremendous. When I first arrived in my host country, I was overwhelmed, lost, lonely, self-conscious, and discovered sides of myself that I had never explored in the past. I felt a massive handicap and the mountain to climb was too steep. I was seconds away from giving up and returning “home” when I met Gabriela. From our very first session, I appreciated her proactive approach. She taught me ways of identifying my feelings, reframing my thoughts and controlling my mind. Gabriela’s approach was structured, methodical, and surprisingly practical. She taught me a lot about psychology, the human brain and CBT, but always with simplicity, incredible humour and positivity. Session after session, I started feeling truly enlightened and empowered. I had fewer and fewer moments of weakness and I started consciously feeling happy regularly. We worked on areas of personal and professional life. Through our sessions, homework and exercises, Gabriela gave me the tools to lay healthy foundations and communication in a relationship. I feel more serene and confident than ever. I landed a dream job in an unexpected place and time, and I give very big credit to Gabriela’s support and advice in the entire process. I am immensely grateful.


French Expat living in Japan

If I could use just one word to describe my sessions with Gabriela, I would say „transformative“. I reached out to her because I had been experiencing episodes of intense loneliness for two years living as an expat. I didn’t realise that there was so much more underlying this feeling. Gabriela helped me to identify these issues and gave me pragmatic strategies for addressing them. Since our sessions, I have not felt this horrible loneliness, and the main thing that has changed in my life is me and my attitude. I highly highly recommend Gabriela if you need help and guidance for whatever you are going through as an expat. She is easy to talk to, incredibly supportive (especially with her outside-of-sessions availability), and highly professional.


New Zealander Expat living in Austria

I met Gabriela through social networks and contacted her because I noticed in her profile that she specialized in “Expat Coaching” and felt that I needed a professional guide to help me face and understand new situations that I was experiencing. Gabriela has helped me to face difficult situations and to recognize positive aspects of living in another country. She is a very professional person who builds trust from the start. The sessions have helped me focus on my current life and better accept the present I am living. I would recommend her without hesitation.


Ecuadorian Expat living in Spain

I never thought that coming back home, the home I knew and missed, was going to be so difficult. A very dear friend recommended Gabriela. After the sessions we had together, I felt ready to face and enjoy my repatriate life. I loved our work together, especially how direct and straight forward she is, never letting me stay in the victim role and motivating me to take action and see how all the tools and strategies she gave had an impact on how I see my life and myself. Above all, she showed me and made me understand that I had it all in me … just needed to be asked and ask the right questions. The answers were within me!
I can’t stress enough how much I recommend her!


Former Expat in Germany, Repat in Mexico.

Gabriela supported me not only in reaching my long term goals but was by my side when I was struggling with new challenges and complications. Today, I feel way more confident with my capabilities and can handle stressful situations with new confidence. Doing sessions online is great  because it’s easy to integrate them into my daily routine, no matter where I am.


German Expat living in Spain

Soon after arriving, I felt demotivated because I didn’t have the life I expected. I contacted Gabriela and began to unravel my head, became aware of my decisions, observed, rediscovered the strengths that I developed as a result of the many battles I won over the years. Gabriela showed me that everything was there.  The whole process was very professional, I am eternally grateful.


Chilean Expat living in Spain

Gabriela is as she said in her introduction positive, honest, straight-forward and very professional. She comes to point and finds out what is really going on. First skeptically about the online sessions, I am now happy about the flexibility and how good it works. With the help of Gabriela, I have challenged difficult situation and feel now stronger and way more confident.


German Expat living in Finland