Live a happy and fulfilled international life.

Gabriela Encina. Licensed Psychologist and Expat.

 Online counseling for women living abroad or planning a new adventure.



You are in the right place! I’m an online psychologist and I support you and show you how to identify and use your inner resources so that you can feel strong and confident, build profound and meaningful relationships and make the best decisions to live satisfied and happy wherever you are!


I’ll be by your side until you have the tools and resources to be happy anywhere in the world.

How Can I Help You?


Specialized in overcoming the challenges of life transitions, multilculturality and expat life.

1.Identify.  2.Connect.  3.Move Forward.

Adapt your identity to the changes you have experienced, enjoy your relationships and feel fulfilled abroad!

ONLINE COACHING: Roadmap Coaching Session

♦ Clarify and prioritize next steps

♦ Fuel your sense of independence and self-confidence

♦ Adapt your GPS to the next challenges.

COURSE: Your Journey to Expat Resilience

You’ll learn how to:

♦Strenght your self-esteem.

♦Improve your relationship with your partner, friends and family.

♦Set boundaries and prioritize yourself.

Work with Gabriela

Hi! I’m Gabriela, online psychologist and expat.

When I decided to move abroad, I knew it would not be easy. Many times it wasn’t. But everything I lived helped me focus my efforts, knowledge and experience on women living abroad, who want to shine with their own light and merits, feel confident and live their lives on their own terms, feeling satisfied and fulfilled.

I offer you my vast work experience as an online psychologist for expat women and the empathy and understanding of life abroad. One of my new clients’ first positive feedback is, “I don’t have to explain expat life to you; that’s a relief!”

I know our work together will be significant in your personal development, self-esteem and happiness abroad.

Why do I want to support you?

I have more than 18 years of experience as a psychologist and more than 3 as an online psychologist for expat women.

I’ve worked with over 300 expats from all over the world.

You don’ have to explain expat life to me, I understand what you’ve been through.

I speak English, Spanish and German. So, if you are like me and sometimes you mix languages, I will totally understand you.

Clients feeling at home, wherever they are!

I’m a new person, and I’m not exaggerating. For me, it is a before and after Gabriela. I contacted her in a desperate state, and she helped me collect the pieces and start to build my new powerful, confident, and resourceful me. Every session, every audio, every email, all of it helped me to be where I am now. By accepting the whole me (especially my negative emotions, now I am a big fan of all of them!) now I’m finally (after 5 years!!!!) enjoying my expat life.


German Expat living in Chile.

The progress I made between our first and 8th session was tremendous. She taught me ways of identifying my feelings and reframing my thoughts. Gabriela’s approach was structured, methodical, and surprisingly practical. Session after session, I started feeling truly enlightened and empowered. We worked on areas of personal and professional life. Gabriela gave me the tools to lay healthy foundations and communication in a relationship. I am immensely grateful.


French Expat in Japan

One word to describe my sessions: “transformative”. I reached out to her because I had been experiencing intense loneliness for two years living as an expat. Since our sessions, I have not felt this horrible loneliness, and the main thing that has changed in my life is me and my attitude. I highly highly recommend Gabriela.


New Zealander Expat living in Austria




Gabriela Encina en el Expat Cast
Gabriela Encina en historias sin fronteras


… you had a glance at what you can achieve by working with me. Dare to make the next move, and let’s talk.
I see you. I see your potential; I see you have the resources; I see you can learn new tools to be happy, wherever you are, wherever you go.
It’s not a coincidence you are here today. Trust yourself and that you can make the right and suitable decisions.
I’ll be waiting for you with open arms.
By your side,
Gabriela (Online Psychologist for Expat Women)