Gabriela Encina

Licensed Psychologist with 18+ years of experience.

Discover your purpose abroad and move towards a fulfilling and happy Expat Life.

My Story

Exploring new things is something I have always enjoyed and still do. In fact, it was something my mother was not too happy about because growing up, it often resulted in accidents. As I became older, my curiosities developed into a hunger for discovery which led me to study Psychology. That fed my desire to learn about others and find a way to help them improve themselves and their lives which in turn, improved mine.

The Beginning


I grew up in Valparaíso, a rather small city in Chile, South America. I moved out shortly after graduating from University of Valparaíso with an MSc in Psychology. At that time I was 22 and scared as hell. It was my first experience living away from home. I didn’t move to another country, just to a bigger and scarier city. It was really hard in the beginning yet from this experience, I discovered my desire to help people in the same situation. Away from home and trying to cope with the reality of a new and very different life.

As time passed, my career started to develop and grow. I began to work with Human Resources. I started out as a trainee and my last position was National Manager for Recruitment and Selection for an international pharmaceutical company. I learned a lot in those nine years, but I knew it wasn’t my true calling.
One day, out of the blue, I met the love of my life! An Austrian passing through Chile on his journey in Southern America.

My Expat Life


A few years later (including a 2-year long-distance relationship), I decided to make the move and followed my heart to Austria. After arriving in Vienna, the feelings of uncertainty and fear bubbled up once again. This time I had more adversity because I was struggling with a language barrier,trying to find a job, meeting new people and making friends and dealing with the loss of my independence.

It was a tough period. Each day, I found myself wishing for someone to help and support me through all this. Someone who could offer me guidance on how to navigate all these emotions, changes and difficulties. Back then, I hadn’t even heard of the term Expat Coaching. So, I struggled on my own.

During this time of waiting and contemplation in Vienna, I became a Certified Systemic Coach and decided to embrace the expat lifestyle. Soon after, I began to work with women from all over the world, helping them discover themselves and their purpose in a new country.


Does any of what I’ve going through in my expat life resonates with you?


Perhaps you’ve experienced the same feelings and doubts. This time, you won’t have to do it alone. As a Psychologist and Coach, I can help you and others like you. This is what I have worked towards.

A significant part of my success is based on personal experiences because like you, I am an expat too.

Contact me today. I offer you empowerment, guidance, hope, and honesty. Work with me and together, we can make your life easier and begin the journey of rediscovering your own unique, incredible strengths. It doesn’t matter if you are Soon-to-be Expat, Living as an Expat or  Returning Home as an Expat. Let me help you embrace and celebrate your new identity, wherever you call home!

I am here for you. Just a click away. My services are available in English, Spanish and German.

By your side,


My Qualifications

2002 – Licensed Psychologist. Graduated from Universidad de Valparaíso, Chile with a degree in Psychology

2018 – Nost. Austrian MSc in Psychology from Universität Wien

2013 – Systemic Coach in Bildungsforum Vienna, Austria

2002 – 2010 from Junior Psychologist to Recruitment and Selection Manager, Socofar Holding. Santiago de Chile

2013 – 2017  Woman’s Consultant in ABZ Austria. Vienna, Austria


… you had a glance at what you can achieve by working with me. Dare to make the next move, and let’s talk.
I see you. I see your potential; I see you have the resources; I see you can learn new tools to be happy, wherever you are, wherever you go.
It’s not a coincidence you are here today. Trust yourself and that you can make the right and suitable decisions.
I’ll be waiting for you with open arms.
By your side,