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Coping with your Emotions Living Abroad

Whatever brought you down this path (your career, falling in love, the thrill of adventure…): living abroad is beautiful. Yet this extraordinary opportunity comes with challenges, and sometimes a “gloomy side” too.

Join me in this talk on how to cope with the most common difficult emotions living abroad and learn to navigate through the complications you might face or be facing. 

After watching this video, you will:

  • Understand and embrace the emotions that you are experiencing, even the unpleasant ones (Spoiler alert: they are useful and constructive once you know where to focus your attention on)
  • Develop strategies and find your own resources to cope with these unpleasant emotions and even use them to your advantage!
  • A simple and effective way to deal with negative automatic thoughts.
  • Get to know me, in a meaningful and personal way as I share my own struggles open-heartedly!

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