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Welcome to this space, where we can talk from expat to expat.

I’m glad you’re around. I imagine you’re on a quest to live the expat life that YOU want.

I understand how upset you feel at this moment, as I experienced the same situation, and that is why I am here, to support you.

If you want me to help you feel strong again, enjoy your international life and start building the life you dreamed of, my expat program might interest you. You can see more here.

There you can find all the information you need; however, if you have any doubt or any other questions that you think I can clarify, you can write me a message in the form on your right, and in less than 48h I will answer you.

Thank you very much!

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What is an Expat?

Expat is short for Expatriate. The consensual definition of expatriate is “a person who, temporarily or permanently, resides in a country other than the country in which he or she was born.” I use the term expat to embody all words and concepts that have something to do with moving abroad: migrants, citizens of the world, digital nomads, permanent travellers, etc. The core: courageous people who follow the unknown, far from what they know and are at the beginning, middle or the end from their international adventure.

Is the online counseling you provide for me?

If you are feeling stuck, unsatisfied and like reaching your limit, yes, this is for you.

If you want to improve your life, move forward and learn how to be a fulfillinf and happy life, yes, this is for you.

If you want to understand yourself better and through that also the ones around you, yes, this is for you.

If you want uncomplicated, either short term or long term support by a mental health professional familiarized with expat and nomad life, yes, this is for you.


Can I work with a psychologist who lives in a different geography?

Absolutely. I wouldn’t let geography be the primary factor in finding the right psychologist for you. I welcome clients from anywhere in the world as long as you’re fluent in English, Spanish or German (the languages I am proficient in).
With my clients, I have our sessions over video conference which accommodates time zones and geographical locations.

What makes Gabriela Encina unique?

My approach is formed by moments of reinventing my own life, my professional corporate background and my work as a licensed psychologist and certified coach. I work mostly with individuals who are navigating a major move by living in a different city or country. The kind of move that sends your life in a radically different direction, often into the unknown.

My clients appreciate that I offer a safe and secure place, where you can be and say whatever you want. I create that environment for you, as I am positive, honest, and open-minded.

Also, I speak fluently Spanish, English and German, so we can switch if you need to (like I do!).

What are benefits of expat counseling and coaching to individuals and organizations?

While companies may invest considerable resources on behalf of expat employees, many overlook the unique issues and needs facing their spouses and families. Spousal stress or dissatisfaction is one of the primary reasons that many international assignments fail.
Therefore, the success of an assignment often depends on the well-being of the family supporting the assigned employee.

According to an internal report of the Personnel Management Association (2018), when coaching is combined with training, individuals increase their productivity by an average of 86% compared to 22% with training alone. Providing on-going support via expat coaching also bridges the gap between traditional expat and repatriation training.