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“The only journey is the one within”  Rainer Maria Rilke

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Feel positive and excited about your present and future in this new land?

Find clarity and structure in the expat-chaos that you’re going through?

Be open and meet people that you “normally“ wouldn’t meet?

Accept and cherish your decision of moving abroad and your new expat identity?

Stop the negative thoughts like „I’m giving up“ or „I’m not good enough“?

Soon-to-be an Expat

Manage expectations and cope with emotions tied to moving away from home; anxiety, insecurity, fear, frustration, etc.

Living as an Expat

After months or even years of planning, your dream of being an Expat is a reality. Now what? What’s next? Live a fulfilling and joyful life abroad.

Returning Home as an Expat

After living abroad, you carry a bag full of mixed emotions with you. Re-connect with your identity coming back home.

Gabriela Encina

Psychologist and Expat Coach

“There’s only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self”  Aldous Huxley

Let’s begin the journey

Why with Gabriela?

In the many years I’ve worked with expats and their partners, I’ve found that letting go what you’ve known and building something new in a different country and culture can be challenging and scary.

If you’ve moved abroad, you might feel alone, misunderstood, powerless and frustrated because things are either different from what you expected or just simply new.

In times of uncertainty, it’s helpful to have support and guidance to go through obstacles together. I’ve accompanied many expats and expat partners on their way to regaining their self-confidence and adapting to their new life.

I provide guidance, structure, empowerment, and support for transitioning expats (becoming one or returning home) and already expats. I help them to progress from this state of loneliness, uncertainty, chaos, and frustration, to a positive, clear, thriving, purposeful and fulfilling state of mind.

While and after you work with me, you will feel more in sync with your new expat identity, accepting what you cannot change and pursuing new (or old) passions and ambitions.

I help you reconnect with what you thought you lost on the way abroad: yourself and your many strengths and qualities.

I’m Gabriela, Psychologist and Expat Coach and I’m here to show you how strong and brave you are and to let you know you are not alone! Let’s find meaning and enjoyment in your life abroad!  Let’s begin the journey!

Clients feeling at home, wherever they are!

The progress I made between our first and 8th session was tremendous. She taught me ways of identifying my feelings and reframing my thoughts. Gabriela’s approach was structured, methodical, and surprisingly practical. Session after session, I started feeling truly enlightened and empowered. We worked on areas of personal and professional life. Gabriela gave me the tools to lay healthy foundations and communication in a relationship. I am immensely grateful.


French Expat in Japan

One word to describe my sessions: “transformative”. I reached out to her because I had been experiencing intense loneliness for two years living as an expat. Since our sessions, I have not felt this horrible loneliness, and the main thing that has changed in my life is me and my attitude. I highly highly recommend Gabriela.


New Zealander Expat living in Austria

After the sessions we had together, I felt ready to enjoy my repatriate life. Above all, she showed me and made me understand that I had it all in me … just needed to be asked and ask the right questions. The answers were within me!  I can’t stress enough how much I recommend her!


Former Expat in Germany, Repat in Mexico.


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