Imagine how your life abroad can be if you learn how to…

 – feel deeply connected with yourself and the ones you love, wherever you are, wherever they are?

–  tap into your inner resources so you can cope with stress, sadness, and stagnation and know what to do to manage and regulate your emotions?

– feel a sense of purpose and moving forward, so you can start those projects long procrastinated?

– solidify and develop your bond with your partner, either in a long-distance relationship or sharing more time at home?

– embrace and be proud of your vulnerability and who you are so that the people in your life are the ones you want around?

– learn how to conquer guilt and homesickness, so you can feel more relaxed and confident wherever you are?

Welcome to my Program:

Your Journey to Resilience-

Feel Strong, Confident, and Comfortable in Your Life Abroad.


I want you to see yourself the way you deserve. How the ones who love you do.

You can feel angry, sad or guilty and STILL be powerful, and brave, and courageous.

You can feel and be vulnerable. You are entitled to mistakes.

You are loved. And the first love, the one who comes from yourself, is there.


Gabriela Encina - Psychologist & Expat Coach

Isn’t it exhausting to think over and over what stayed back home?

The perfectly organized life. The friends who knew our story and our good and “not so good” sides. The family who loves us no matter what. The powerful, confident, and independent you.

To have gone from a structured and productive life to feel lost, tired, and energy-drained, not knowing which direction to go further.


And the global situation can be so overwhelming to the point of feeling on edge for no apparent reason and end up arguing with the people around you. It isn’t easy to make decisions and stay calm.

What could you do if you were motivated, confident, and took the right action steps? You could:


◊ Have concrete and simple tools to feel confident and strong wherever you are.

◊ Understand why do you feel the way you feel and learn how to regulate it.

◊ Switch your mindset so that you can own and be proud of whatever your choices are.

◊ Learn how to set boundaries and be assertive to surround yourself with profound and loving relationships.

◊ Make the best decisions without guilt and fear to give yourself the #1 priority in your life.



My dear fellow expat:


Program – Your Journey to Resilience:

Feel Strong, Confident, and Comfortable in Your Life Abroad


How does it work?

Buy the program and you will receive the instructions to login to your account.

Each video of the course will have a journaling prompt and an action step or task that you can apply immediately.

When you finish (at your pace), you can book a 30-Minute Session with me (included in the program), to understand and clarify your wins and set goals for the future.

What’s Included in the Program?


Videos with easy journaling prompts and action steps.

You can complete each lesson at your own pace!


Resources ad-hoc to the videos.

Go in-depth with material (pdf’s, books, movies, or podcasts recommendations).


1 fillable insight book (aka Workbook) with more than 15 pages.

Keep a record of your progress, reflect, and take action.  You’ll cherish it forever; once it’s filled, it will remind you how strong and confident you can be!


An individual 30-Minute Session with me when you finish the program.

Understand and clarify your wins and discoveries and set goals for the near future.



All the course audios in a Zip File

You’ll get the 21 audios at once, so you can listen wherever you are!


Rich List of Connection Ideas

Suggestions to develop, maintain, and enhance your relationships back home and abroad.


Insightful List of Mindful Activities

Practical ideas to focus on the present and conquer anxiety.


VIDEO: Self-Care in Times of Panic.

How to cope with stress and remain resilient in these challenging times.

gabriela expat coach smiling

Hi, I’m Gabriela; expat for over 10 years

At first, in Vienna, I had a hard time adapting to my international life; I felt lonely, unmotivated, dependent on my partner, and I had trouble building new relationships… until I decided to seek support and guidance, so I could Identified what was stopping me from being the person I wanted to be: joyfull, confident, motivated.

After working with my psychologist, I finally managed to enjoy my expat life and that’s when I discovered my purpose.
The experience I lived, my studies and career, allow me to help other women who are in that situation.

I know what you are going through, because I experienced it myself. That’s why I know our work together can be significant in your progress and happiness abroad.

Here’s what some of the participants of the program have to say about it!

Wow Gabriela, I wasn’t expecting such quality, this program is changing my expat life.

Never again will I pospone prioritizing myself!

Lydia, Expat in Chile

With the day by day prompts, I got to know myself better and consequently my vision on everything else changed.

Gabriela’s smile and words of support throughout each video were fundamental to stay focused and motivated!

Giorgia, Expat in Spain

I loved this program, it was such a boost of energy and clarity.

Thank you Gabriela for teaching me so much in only 21 (+) days!

Jenny, Expat in Germany

Do you have any questions?

How does the program work?

You will get access to a Member Vault account, with login credentials. Each video will have a journaling prompt and an action step or task that you can apply immediately. It is designed to build your resilience, self-confidence, give you ideas to stop homesickness, deeply connect with the ones you love, and reduce stress and anxiety, among other concrete benefits.

What is exactly included in the program?

• More than 20 videos with easy to apply tasks and action steps.

• Resources ad-hoc to the videos.

• 1 fillable insight book with more than 15 pages to keep a record of your progress.

• An individual 30-Minute Session with me when you finish the program.



21 Audios (in a Zip File)
List of Connection Ideas
List of Mindful activities
VIDEO: Self-Care in Times of Panic.

How much is my time/money investment for the program?

This is a self-paced program, and you will unlimited access to it. I would recommend maximum 1 hour per video. (There are 23 videos, divided in 5 Modules).
Your money investment is €97.

What is the payment method?

You’ll access directly via PayPal. If you don’t have an account or want to pay another way, you can contact me to .

Is this program for me?


  • You look forward to conquering guilt and homesickness, be deeply connected with yourself and the ones you loved, and feeling fulfilled in your international life.
  • You are a committed and dedicated person, as it is expected that you carry out the recommended tasks and action steps to move forward
  • You have confidence in the process and are determined to invest in yourself.
  • You understand that there are no magic results, and your commitment is necessary.



Then… yes! This is the program you need.

Is this a DIY (do it yourself) program?

This is a self-paced program, with everything you need to implement the action steps right away.

When can I access the content, and for how long it will be available?

You will recieve your login credentials as soon as you make the payment. You’ll have access to the videos and bonuses till the end of times ;).

Is there a refund policy?

There are no refunds available.

What if I need extra guidance?

 If you have a specific questions, you can contact me here: