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I left this workshop feeling so confident to put boundaries and full of techniques to manage the feeling of guilt specially with christmas around the corner. Gabriela made the space so safe to share and also explained the techniques in a very easy but efficient way to keep working with them after the workshop. I highly recommend it!

E., Expat Woman in Ireland

Gabriela did a great job of explaining the different types of expat guilt and making us feel that we are not alone in this. She gave us manageable steps of recognizing this feeling and what to do when it arises. Gabriela over-delivered this workshop with great professionalism, and her personality made the hour and a half fly by! If you think that you might suffer from expat guilt, this workshop is for you!

A., Expat Woman in Mexico

Absolutely loved this workshop. To realize that it’s necessary, a must to pay attention to ones feelings and not keep shoving them down. Learning how to deal with guilt bombs thrown at you was an eye opener.  A great 1.5 hrs!

M., Expat Woman in the U.S.

I liked the very practical tools given. And the feeling of openness and understanding. It definitely succeeded in helping me not feel alone. And my eyes were opened about finding out what the needs are behind my emotions. I also hope to apply the advice to reality-check my “shoulds”!

C., Expat Woman in Germany

– Can you imagine living abroad without feeling constant guilt and remorse?

– How about thriving and enjoying instead of taking the blame upon your shoulders?

– Would you like to have an action plan to tackle expat guilt and overcome regrets and blues?


You’ll have concrete tools🛠 and an action plan to feel confident, tackle guilt and overcome regrets and funk, wherever you are!

2 hours of learning, connection, validation, laughter!

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GUILT: One of the hardest challenges that expats and global nomads have to face!

I know it from my personal and professional experience. Leaving our loved ones “behind,” and with that, all the things we could do if we were there.

We expats have to deal with different kinds of guilt:

1.- The guilt we put on ourselves (why did I leave? Am I a bad daughter/sister/friend? Maybe I should have stayed? etc., etc.)

2.- The guilt- trips caused by others, especially those we care about the most.

3.- The guilt of not “taking advantage” of our experience living abroad.

Enjoying your expat home
  • The “regular” expat events that seem exacerbated now and you keep questioning yourself:

“am I a good enough mom/daughter/sibling?”

“am I taking advantage of my expat experience?”

“am I complaining too much while other people have it worse than I do?”


If what you read resonated… THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU!

Online Workshop – No Regrets: Bye bye Expat Guilt!

2 hours of strategies, validation, connection and fun.

Build an action plan to tackle guilt, regrets and blues!


Coming soon! January 2022

Does this sound familiar?


– Those stomach cramps thinking about all the moments you are missing back home, like a wedding or a graduation

– The weariness of carrying your problems, those from the ones back home, and even the world situation!

– Waking every morning wondering… did I make the right decision?

– The guilt sensation if you stay abroad, feeling regret if you move back home!

– When the display of your phone shows that relative calling again to drop guilt bombs to you.

– What about those times when you feel you are a terrible person because you want to vent and express your frustration, but you “can’t” because you “should” feel privileged and “living the life” abroad.

– The heartaches of feeling misunderstood or not validated by your non-expat friends and family members.



gabriela expat coach smiling

Hi, I’m Gabriela, licensed psychologist, expat, and I declare myself not guilty!

I know how it is to deal with guilt, remorse and wonder if I made the right decision. Leaving my family behind, seeing my mom getting old from afar, watching my niece and nephew grow and not sharing those special moments with them… uff, tough!

And don’t get me started with those sneaky relatives or acquaintances throwing guilt bombs!

Oh, I do not forget those times when asking myself, “Do I deserve to feel this way while people are suffering from ‘real problems’?”

I also know that with the right tools, mindset and support + giving room to those feelings, expat women can thrive and live a fulfilling life.

That is what I’m offering you in these 2 hours. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to identify and overcome expat guilt!

What are you getting from this workshop?

– Strategies, practical tools and an action plan to tackle all different kinds of expat guilt!

– Learning how to say goodbye to anxiety and fear and hello to setting boundaries and prioritizing yourself!

– (Re) Discovering your inner resources and tools to cope with blues and funk

– A safe, confidential and trustful environment

– The chance to express yourself without judgment or guilt bombs from others

– Connection with expats experiencing similar challenges

– Validation, motivation, fun and a safe space to connect with yourself and fellow expat women!

Gabriela is really competent, professional and direct, but also kind, witty and has the ability to detect what is actually was going on. Being an expat can be very stressful, but I now have the tools to handle it and not feel so alone anymore. I recommend you contact Gabriela!


Dutch Expat living in Austria

Gabriela has helped me to face difficult situations and to recognize positive aspects of living in another country. She is a very professional person who builds trust from the start. The sessions have helped me focus on my current life and better accept the present I am living. I would recommend her without hesitation.


Ecuadorian Expat living in Spain

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