Work With Gabriela

I’m Gabriela, Psychologist and Coach. First and foremost, I am an expat, that means I can relate to and understand what you are going through. Is not just my professional expertise, but also my years of personal experience that allow me to provide you the best support for your international life. Work with me.

What can I offer you?

–> A safe and secure place, where you can be and say whatever you want

–> How I work and I am: positive, honest, and straight-forward

–> Flexibility, as we are meeting virtually, so you can attend the session from the comfort of your home or office

–> I speak fluently Spanish, English and German, so we can switch if you need to (like I do!)

–> More than 15 years of professional experience as Psychologist, integrating and providing my knowledge and background in Human Resources, scientifically proven tools from Cognitive Behavioural Psychology and Coaching Strategies

Work with Gabriela

How is the process of working together?

1.- Visit the page of my program “the Expat Life YOU want”

2.- You book your complimentary 30-Minute consultation and we will see if I can help you

3.- Once we have checked that we can work together, we’ll schedule our first session

4.- You are on your way to a meaningful and fulfilling life abroad!

How many sessions do you need?


Gabriela Encina - Psychologist & Expat Coach

I’m currently offering a program of 8 Sessions you can visit here

When you complete the program we will evaluate if you need more sessions,  consolidating what you’ve already achieved and analyzing if there are other goals you still want to achieve or other subjects you’d like to talk about.


I’m by your side, no matter where you are!

Gabriela Encina

Psychologist and Expat Coach


Clients feeling at home, wherever they are!

After the sessions we had together, I felt ready to enjoy my repatriate life. Above all, she showed me and made me understand that I had it all in me … just needed to be asked and ask the right questions. The answers were within me!  I can’t stress enough how much I recommend her!


Former Expat in Germany, Repat in Mexico.

Gabriela has helped me to face difficult situations and to recognize positive aspects of living in another country. She is a very professional person who builds trust from the start. The sessions have helped me focus on my current life and better accept the present I am living. I would recommend her without hesitation.


Ecuadorian Expat living in Spain

Gabriela is really competent, professional and direct, but also kind, witty and has the ability to detect what is actually was going on. Being an expat can be very stressful, but I now have the tools to handle it and not feel so alone anymore. I recommend you contact Gabriela!


Dutch Expat living in Austria



I prepared it just for you.

Read it, you’ll learn concrete steps to overcome anxiety and start to enjoy your international life.