Living as an Expat


Congratulations, you are now living abroad!

  • Are you living as an expat because you found love and decided to follow it and start a new life?
  • Did you retire and move in search of adventure, a challenge or an opportunity to grow?
  • Are you working abroad in a new position that offered you a better pay and more challenges?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, I encourage you to keep reading!

You find yourself in this new environment, new land, new life. You want to:


  • feel more secure and lose the feeling of being lost in this new and unknown country
  • be mentally healthy and balanced living as an expat
  • erase the impostor syndrome
  • cease the anxiety and fear about the future
  • stop feeling angry at yourself for not enjoying your expat life “the way you’re supposed to”
  • discover or rediscover what you are passionate about
  • put an end to being resentful and blaming your partner because you moved and left behind everything for him/her

I’m here for you to help you:

  • gain back the sense of control over your life, of independence and self-confidence
  • clarify and set new goals for your professional and personal life
  • manage stress and anxiety. No more sleepless nights!
  • embrace all your emotions and accept all of them as a part of your confident self
  • have a fulfilling and loving relationship that is strong, respectful, supportive
  • overcome the cultural shock, learn the language, understand and enjoy the new culture.
  • feel positive, confident and excited about your present and your future
  • build meaningful and deep friendships and stop the feeling of isolation!
  • stop feeling detached or left behind for the ones back home like “they moved on without you”