Returning Home as an Expat


Planning to move back home after living abroad?

  • Is your professional task coming to an end and it’s time to come back home?
  • Do you want to return to your country, because the reason for becoming an expat is not there anymore?
  • Are you worried about how is going back home going to affect you and your family?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, I encourage you to keep reading!

You are ready to:

  • stop being frustrated because you have to start again with your professional life back in your home country
  • not worry about having to explain your decisions to others all the time
  • be optimistic and confident about returning home
  • feel the connection with your life in your country
  • find some structure and sense in this “coming back-chaos”
  • manage the “negative feelings” that may affect your returning

I’m here to help you …

  • face the grieving process of saying goodbye to your friends and life abroad
  • cope with reverse cultural shock
  • understand and deal with the new challenges of being home again
  • match your expectations with the reality that’s waiting for you
  • adapt your new self to economic, social and personal changes that occurred while you were abroad
  • be open to meet new people and to reconnect with your old friends
  • being able to say: I’m part of this new land and I feel like I belong again