Soon-to-be Expat


So, you’re about to start your life abroad. Are you…

  • searching for new opportunities, but can’t make the final decision?
  • been offered (you or your partner (or both) ) a new exciting and challenging position abroad? Does that overwhelm you and can’t take the next steps to organise things?
  • retiring soon and finally have the chance to move to the country you’ve always dreamed of, but the uncertainty holds you back?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, what follows will interest you!


Are you ready to…

  • clarify your next steps and objectives,so you know exactly what you want for your life abroad
  • prepare and research, so you can learn about the country and the language
  • stop worrying and panicking about the future
  • understand and manage the mixed feelings that the imminent moving is causing you
  • accept and cherish your decision about moving abroad and your new expat identity!

I’m here to help you …

  • organize your thoughts and actions before you start your adventure abroad
  • have realistic down to earth expectations. Reality check!
  • learn to control the anxiety and stress in preparation for your relocation
  • prepare to say so-long to your friends, family and your home town
  • connect and maintain the relationship with people in your home country without feeling guilty or left behind
  • be confident and prepared for the search of a purpose abroad
  • face challenges with a positive attitude and be motivated
  • be creative, think outside the box and break stereotypes of being an expat