5 Ways to Spot and Flip Limiting Beliefs

(to OWN and Love your Life Abroad!)

This Workshop is for you, if…

✅ you want to feel strong! It is exhausting to continually tackle the uncertainties of what’s happening globally.

✅ you had enough of enduring guilt and frustration of being away from “home”.

✅ you want to have some sense of control and keep your stamina, to live with energy and motivation.

✅ you’d love to feel confident about who you are and your identity, wherever you live.

✅ you want to know your boundaries, and apply assertiveness in the communication with people that matter to you.

And you will learn how to:

Identify the most common (and hidden) self-sabotaging mistakes we make while living abroad.

How to reframe and say bye-bye to these unuseful and damaging beliefs.

Set boundaries and prioritize YOU without feeling guilty or selfish.

Concrete tips and strategies to stop homesickness, make friends for life and love and own your expat life.

Expat taking action

These are some real answers from fellow expats (from the Live Workshop) to the question:

What action steps from the workshop are you applying tomorrow?

E.G.: Be more assertive

E.: I’m calling some of my new friends to catch up and stay in touch

M.A.: The ritual from my new place – the one you talked about in the begging, and going to walk in new places

N: texting a possible friend and ask for our next date 🙂

C.D.: I’m making a tortilla española to cherish my host county 😀

S.: Share how I feel

J.G.: not hide my feelings and difficult situation from my family

B.T.: journaling and try to explore more my city

M.: being more assertive 🙂

S: ill start a Diary to get clear About my emotions 🙂

A: show how i really feel

P.: not be ashamed about who I am and write my feelings

With all that’s happening globally, you might think, why should you care about a workshop for expats now!?

Now is the best time because you’ll get a sense of control, something you can actively influence and change.

There is so much uncertainty, chaos, and unsolved problems around, that gaining strength and confidence can protect us from stress and burn out!



gabriela expat coach smiling

Hola, I’m Gabriela!

Licensed psychologist, certified coach, with over 20 years of professional experience.

Travel addict, expat, digital nomad, international who knows the good, wonderful and the hidden ugly of life abroad. Like the homesickness, or the “I’m nobody” effect.

I also know you are bad-ass, courageous, intelligent and strong. Let me give you the insights, knowledge and tolls to rebuild your identity and integrate all your experiences from back home and abroad.

No false promises. You’ll get concrete steps, the certainty that you are not alone, and the relief of clarity, so that you can sit behind the wheel and navigate your life abroad the way you want, prioritizing you and your well-being.

These clients are loving their life abroad! Want to enjoy your expat life too?

I’m a new person, and I’m not exaggerating. For me, it is a before and after Gabriela. I contacted her in a desperate state, and she helped me collect the pieces and start to build my new powerful, confident, and resourceful me. Every session, every audio, every email, all of it helped me to be where I am now. By accepting the whole me (especially my negative emotions, now I am a big fan of all of them!) now I’m finally (after 5 years!!!!) enjoying my expat life.


German Expat living in Chile.

The progress I made between our first and 8th session was tremendous. She taught me ways of identifying my feelings and reframing my thoughts. Gabriela’s approach was structured, methodical, and surprisingly practical. Session after session, I started feeling truly enlightened and empowered. We worked on areas of personal and professional life. Gabriela gave me the tools to lay healthy foundations and communication in a relationship. I am immensely grateful.


French Expat in Japan

One word to describe my sessions: “transformative”. I reached out to her because I had been experiencing intense loneliness for two years living as an expat. Since our sessions, I have not felt this horrible loneliness, and the main thing that has changed in my life is me and my attitude. I highly highly recommend Gabriela.


New Zealander Expat living in Austria