Lo que mis Clientas están Diciendo

Testimonios de clientas que han trabajado conmigo y ahora disfrutan de la vida internacional que han elegido

***Para proteger la privacidad de mis clientas, les pido sus testimonios con sólo 3 datos básicos: nombre de pila, país de origen y país de acogida***

I reached out to Gabriela because I was struggling with unresolved issues in my family back home. Thanks to her I learned to let go of this yearning to see the issues in my family resolved and I can finally start to see how this is not about me, but about them. I can now start to focus on what is within my control while moving forward, trying to keep my family in my life and keeping the peace, while at the same time protecting myself and respecting my boundaries.

I absolutely recommend Gabriela! She is both a warm and friendly person, who allows you to be vulnerable and release your emotions, and she will not hesitate to confront you with uncomfortable truths in order to help you move forward. I am a different person than I was before we started working together!


Belgian Expat living in France

​I have been working with Gabriela since August 2020 and my experience with her has been wonderful. I came to her for help regarding dealing with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as she had been recommended to me through a friend. Since that time she and I have been meeting every other week and, in less than a year, I can confidently say I now enjoy a level of mental freedom I had not had in a long time.

Gabriela is very patient and kind, and she has, from day one, always allowed for our appointments to be a safe space where I can be myself, cry and laugh when needed. She has also given me some great tools to help me handle anxious thinking. In addition, Gabriela is always available on text should I need to ask her any questions or need support with processing repetitive mental thoughts or anxiety. I highly and happily recommend her services to any and all!


Spanish Expat living in the United States

I reached out to Gabriela after a big crazy relocation (unforeseen due to COVID disruption) and I was feeling really out of my depth, especially when it came to processing change and thinking through my social connections and skills. Gabriela helped me identify a structure of meaning and clarity to process and reach out to others and suggested clear simple steps outside my comfort zone to arrive at my goal of support and stability. I recommend working with Gabriela as her kind, warm, effective manner was exactly what I needed.


Ugandan Expat living in England

Cuando decidí iniciar mi proceso de coaching, elegí a Gabriela porque buscaba alguien que fuera psicóloga y coach, pero además me sentí identificada con su historia.
Cuando la conocí, a lo largo de las sesiones, pudimos conectar muy bien a través de su calidez, sentido del humor y profesionalismo.
Me ayudó enormemente a poner en marcha mi emprendimiento, donde venia muy trabada, y a repensarme en otros ámbitos.
¡Estoy feliz de haberla encontrado!

Expat Argentina en China

I’m a new person, and I’m not exaggerating. For me, it is a before and after Gabriela. I contacted her in a desperate state, and she helped me collect the pieces and start to build my new powerful, confident, and resourceful me. Every session, every audio, every email, all of it helped me to be where I am now. By accepting the whole me (especially my negative emotions, now I am a big fan of all of them!) now I’m finally (after 5 years!!!!) enjoying my expat life. The «I don’t have to do anything» mantra is staying with me forever.
Thank you Gabriela, we are definitely staying in touch!


German Expat living in Chile.

It isn’t easy to summarize how Gabriela’s program have helped me. I still remember our first meeting and although I knew her from her Instagram posts and youtube videos, seeing her «live» was even better. She had me at «I’ll be with you through the whole process». And indeed she was. My life abroad has improved in so many ways! I found empathy, a clear procedure, concrete steps and easiness. We laughed in every session, even when I was feeling awful, she managed to bring a smile to my face. Everything went so smoothly! She really listens and adapted her strategy and homework to my needs.
She is your person if you are an expat and struggling with your life abroad. She is your person, believe me.


Portuguese Expat living in Austria

Gabriela truly provided me life-changing advice and support, and the progress I made between our first and 8th session was tremendous. When I first arrived in my host country, I was overwhelmed, lost, lonely, self-conscious, and discovered sides of myself that I had never explored in the past. I felt a massive handicap and the mountain to climb was too steep. I was seconds away from giving up and returning “home” when I met Gabriela. From our very first session, I appreciated her proactive approach. She taught me ways of identifying my feelings, reframing my thoughts and controlling my mind. Gabriela’s approach was structured, methodical, and surprisingly practical. She taught me a lot about psychology, the human brain and CBT, but always with simplicity, incredible humour and positivity. Session after session, I started feeling truly enlightened and empowered. I had fewer and fewer moments of weakness and I started consciously feeling happy regularly. We worked on areas of personal and professional life. Through our sessions, homework and exercises, Gabriela gave me the tools to lay healthy foundations and communication in a relationship. I feel more serene and confident than ever. I landed a dream job in an unexpected place and time, and I give very big credit to Gabriela’s support and advice in the entire process. I am immensely grateful.


French Expat living in Japan

If I could use just one word to describe my sessions with Gabriela, I would say «transformative». I reached out to her because I had been experiencing episodes of intense loneliness for two years living as an expat. I didn’t realise that there was so much more underlying this feeling. Gabriela helped me to identify these issues and gave me pragmatic strategies for addressing them. Since our sessions, I have not felt this horrible loneliness, and the main thing that has changed in my life is me and my attitude. I highly highly recommend Gabriela if you need help and guidance for whatever you are going through as an expat. She is easy to talk to, incredibly supportive (especially with her outside-of-sessions availability), and highly professional.


New Zealander Expat living in Austria

Conocí a Gabriela a través de redes sociales y la contacté porque noté en su perfil que se especializaba en “Expat Coaching” y sentía que necesitaba una guía profesional que me ayude a enfrentar y entender nuevas situaciones que me encontraba experimentando. Gabriela me ha ayudado a enfrentar situaciones difíciles y a reconocer aspectos positivos de vivir en otro país. Es una persona muy profesional que genera confianza desde el primer momento. Las sesiones me han ayudado a enfocarme en mi vida actual y a aceptar mejor el presente que estoy viviendo. La recomendaría sin dudarlo.


Expat Ecuatoriana viviendo en España

I never thought that coming back home, the home I knew and missed, was going to be so difficult. A very dear friend recommended Gabriela. After the sessions we had together, I felt ready to face and enjoy my repatriate life. I loved our work together, especially how direct and straight forward she is, never letting me stay in the victim role and motivating me to take action and see how all the tools and strategies she gave had an impact on how I see my life and myself. Above all, she showed me and made me understand that I had it all in me … just needed to be asked and ask the right questions. The answers were within me!
I can’t stress enough how much I recommend her!


Former Expat in Germany, Repat in Mexico.

Gabriela supported me not only in reaching my long term goals but was by my side when I was struggling with new challenges and complications. Today, I feel way more confident with my capabilities and can handle stressful situations with new confidence. Doing sessions online is great  because it’s easy to integrate them into my daily routine, no matter where I am.


German Expat living in Spain

Soon after arriving, I felt demotivated because I didn’t have the life I expected. I contacted Gabriela and began to unravel my head, became aware of my decisions, observed, rediscovered the strengths that I developed as a result of the many battles I won over the years. Gabriela showed me that everything was there.  The whole process was very professional, I am eternally grateful.


Chilean Expat living in Spain

Gabriela is as she said in her introduction positive, honest, straight-forward and very professional. She comes to point and finds out what is really going on. First skeptically about the online sessions, I am now happy about the flexibility and how good it works. With the help of Gabriela, I have challenged difficult situation and feel now stronger and way more confident.


German Expat living in Finland