Expats deal with anxiety. Yet it might be difficult recognizing it.

It is the second mental health problem among expats, after depression.

Being abroad and “living the life” is beautiful and a great opportunity. It also involves challenges that can trigger a high ammount of stress that might not be comprehensible to the eyes of others (sometimes even family members and friends).

That might lead to shame and guilt, as we might blame ourselves for not cherishing what we are “supposed” to enjoy.

Many people think you can only experience anxiety when you have a panic attack or when you need medication to regulate your mood.


Recognizing Anxiety: It can be with us in different ways

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During my first year as an expat, I had a rough time.

I always felt “on edge.” Irritable, spreading negativity -not intentionally, but it “happened.”-, demotivated, and incredibly lonely.

My relationship – and the reason why I relocated in the first place – was being affected. I isolated myself because I was ashamed of not enjoying the wonderful and shiny life abroad.

Of course, I thought everything was my fault. I wasn’t good enough. I couldn’t focus. It was getting worse. Until I put a name on it.


It took me a while, however. But when I recognized it, I asked for help. Thanks to my therapist, I was able to cope with these issues and thoroughly enjoy my life abroad, even with its darker sides.

In this video “Recognizing Anxiety in our daily life”,  I show you 5 every-day-signals that might be indicating anxiety in your life.

#1 Not sleeping well or feel unrested even if able to sleep

#2 Troubles focusing even on relatively easy tasks

#3 Feel worried and overwhelmed most of the day

#4 Irritability, feeling “on edge” and about to explode

#5 Feeling disconnected, even when surrounded by your loved ones


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