Simply being an expat leads you to forge your own path even when it comes to expat employment opportunities. That path can be linked to you personally and through your career.

But what happens to that path when it comes to your career?

What were you doing before you became an expat? What were your plans for that when you became an expat?

Sometimes the answer to those questions are wildly different.

The reality is that sometimes things may not go as we planned. Whether that’s because our qualifications are not recognized or whether there is something else challenging us meaning we feel we’re taking a step back.

It can influence us emotionally and affect how we feel, our worthiness and our confidence.

But it’s common among expats.

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Starting from scratch – my story

For me moving to Vienna and becoming an expat helped me realize my time to fulfill a lifelong dream to become a therapist (especially as I’d studied Psychology).

Realizing that was the start of me forging my own path to my goal.

My challenge?

My qualifications weren’t recognized in Austria and I was only just learning the language. When it came to my own expat employment opportunities, I had to start from scratch.

I originally started working with pensioners serving coffee. I served coffee and then we entertained them, so I played cards and other games, and at the same time was able to practice my German.

From there, it was a challenge but I certified myself as a coach in in German instead.

I then started working in an NGO for migrants, not as a therapist but as a counselor.

I was the only migrant in that company at the beginning they hired 2 more. But when I arrived they were completely curious. They were asking me questions, they were asking me if I understood what they meant when they did something.

It was a perfect match for me though, like being a therapist again and also being and working with migrants and expats.

However, it was a big difference to being a successful HR manager in Chile. I’d earnt a sense of confidence and status there. Starting from scratch and finding my own expat opportunities was a lesson in pride and a reality check.

Pave your own path in a new environment - Pave your own path

Expat employment opportunities – Pave your own path in a new environment

There are emotional and logistical challenges of adjusting to a new work environment or career path as an expat. Whether that’s:

  • Qualifications aren’t recognized
  • Cultural differences
  • Language barriers
  • Confidence
  • Self-worth

Finding your own path is about understanding the expat opportunities available in your new location and that they might differ from your home country.

So how can you deal with these hurdles:

  • Be proactive in addressing potential qualification recognition issues. Research and understand the local certification requirements for your profession because you can consider upskilling.
  • Recognize that starting anew doesn’t diminish your worth or skills. Celebrate the courage it takes to embark on a new journey.
  • Seek support from expat communities, where shared experiences can foster a sense of belonging and boost your confidence.

The shift in career direction is an opportunity for personal and professional growth. You have so many unique skills acquired in your previous roles, so find ways to integrate them.

Which is why resilience and adaptability are key in helping you forge your own new path for your work and career, and finding your own expat employment opportunities.

Forging Your Own Professional Path as an Expat - fostering diversity and inclusion

Fostering diversity and inclusion

We speak different languages, we come from different backgrounds, we our culture’s are different, our approach to work is different. We don’t fit into one box, we can adapt.

Within companies we can help improve processes or how to improve communication and integration, how to foster an environment of communication, of acceptance of curiosity.

Because, in order to integrate we should encourage curiosity, share culture and listen to needs.

When you’re looking at expat employment opportunities, look for companies who play an active role in creating a supportive environment by fostering an atmosphere that values diversity. For example, they take a proactive stance by implementing inclusive policies and practices. This may include language training programs, cross-cultural sensitivity training for employees, and dedicated support systems for expats.

Enhancing inclusiveness when it comes the expat employees can bring richer pool of perspectives and talents like yours.

As an expat you can expand into places where you are valued, heard, and empowered to thrive in your professional pursuits.

In the delicate balance between personal and professional growth, expats continue to forge their paths in their life abroad.

What will yours look like?

If you are struggling with navigating your personal or professional growth as an expat, you aren’t alone. Reaching out for help is the first step towards finding a way to make life abroad work for you.

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