Sometimes it’s easier to see a face and hear a voice of someone, instead of reading an article. If you want to see/hear great tips, advice, and insights about life abroad and its lights and shadows, from a Psychologist and Coach, specialized in working with expats and people living abroad, you are in for a treat!


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​…to the place where I share my thoughts, knowledge, and experience as a psychologist, expat coach, and my own experiences as an expat!

With these videos, my goal is to provide you the help you need to feel motivated, empowered, and satisfied with the life you chose.

I want to answer your questions, doubts, and predicaments.

I also share my experiences living, loving, and thriving abroad.

Let me give you some samples:

In this video, I share a great exercise with you about focusing on the present mindfully and effectively!


Or in this one, amid pandemic, I share with you handy and practical tips on how to cope with uncertainty in times of chaos.

Another example: in this short video, I share my idea of First Aid Kit for Expats with you, very practical when you need to feel better fast! It has helped me many, many times!

And the list goes on!

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By your side,

Gabriela Encina - Psychologist & Expat Coach

Gabriela Encina is an online psychologist specialized in expat women and supports them with the guidance and tools they need to feel confident, make the best decisions for their lives, build and maintain meaningful relationships and prioritize their well-being.

Her approach is practical, solution-oriented and focused on the present.

Gabriela offers counseling to expat women in Spanish, English and German.