Toxic Positivity is a reality in our expat life. Phrases such as “Why can’t you just be happy?” or “At least you get to live abroad” are far from having a positive effect.

On the contrary, it can be damaging because it disregards our feelings and has the paradoxical effect of putting pressure and even lead to anxiety and isolation.


how to deal with toxic positivity as an expat


Learn How to Stop Toxic Positivity in your Expat Life.

Some people believe that because we live abroad, we SHOULD be happy. ALL the time and in ALL circumstances.

In my article 3 Ways to Stop Toxic Positivity from tainting Your Expat Life I describe the concept:

“Often you feel pressure to “stay positive” and ignore the negative when talking to others about your life abroad. Sometimes, people just don’t want to hear about the bad stuff. Toxic positivity is when a person excessively or constantly expresses happiness or optimism in all situations. It’s a way to cover up or ignore negative feelings and experiences.”

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You will learn:

– What is Toxic Positivity

– 3 Strategies on How to Stop it to Affect your Life Abroad

– How to Encourage Empathy

– The Difference between healthy and toxic positivity

If you are dealing with this in your life abroad, please remember:

Toxic positivity ignores parts of you that are also important for your life. Healthy positivity embraces those parts to create sustainable happiness.

Healthy Positivity - The word positive with colourful letters on grass

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