Badass Expats Society (BES)









Regardless of where you are, YOU’LL NEVER BE ALONE!


Hey you, brave woman who dared to live away from all the known and comfortable.

You are a high-achiever and determined badass. Yet, there is something missing... you are not being yourself, you feel isolated, anxious and tired. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY!

BES is your community.  I’ll let Fer, one of our founding members, tell you why:

From the outside, it seems you have “everything” to be happy. A dreamy life, maybe a thriving career, a wonderful partner, freedom to go everywhere, the shiny and successful expat life… right?


People can’t see it, but you would give everything to have:

Confidence in yourself

Confidence in your emotions

Confidence in your decisions

Confidence in your abilities

Confidence in your internal resources

Confidence in a better future

Confidence in feeling at home where you are right now.

Confidence in being accepted for who you are

Confidence in being the best version of yourself.


Elidia, Founding Member

Being part of BES is a total game changer.

It’s a safe container where you can meet women going through similar experiences from all over the world and that we can share them on the calls and on the slack channel.

There is no pressure and it feels that the time changes totally. It’s like if you were in a village full of compassionate and amazing people.

We can talk about anything and everything and to celebrate each other on whatever we are going through. It’s a real safe space where you can open yourself as much as you want and feel held.

The content area is like the Aladdin’s cave of guest speakers and golden information. You can feel the care and passion Gabriela is putting in each little detail.

Cannot wait to see this community grow!

See you inside!


Valentina, Founding Member

I thought I am lonely wolf. I thought I was strong enough to deal with all my problems. I thought this for a long time.

Gabriela came into my life at a moment when I felt something was wrong but I didn’t truly understand what the problem was. Only after following her for some time, did I understand that I didn’t completely feel like myself in this new world, even after 5 years.

So, when she opened the membership, I was THE FIRST member to join. Not only that, but as I teach English to expat adults, I have also recommended her to them.

Let’s face it. Living away from your loved ones, not being able to keep in touch with your friends as much as you want to, dealing with unpredictable situations in a new environment, can be tough. We all need someone to help us get stronger, stay stronger and keep us on track.

We all need support. And this is what I found in BES : a supportive community of people who are … just like me … and you.

The Badass Expats Society is your place of safety, growth, accountability and encouragement. Join the founding members and you’ll never feel alone among these awesome women who understand the beautiful and challenging sides of the international life!

Imagine this:

A month from now, you are a part of a circle of fellow badass international women, all supporting each other and making lifechanging friendships. You get advice and guidance from a psychologist and mentor with 20 years of experience (yes, me). Whenever a problem arises, whenever something doesn’t feel right, whenever you are lonely, you can safely turn to me and to the community for advice and encouragement. We are here for you!

This community will give you everything you need to thrive in the expat life:

Ongoing Support

Do you want to learn how to live a confident, joyful, and meaningful life, wherever you are, wherever you are heading?

In our safe online space, you will get to:


Have access to moi, an expat psychologist with 20+ years, a wicked sense of humor, strategies and tips to the infinity and beyond and an expert on creating engaged communities (only this time it will be mine and not in others’s 😉 )


Train your confidence muscle

Kick anxiety in the (imaginary or real!) butt.
 Improve your relationships
 Build your self-esteem
Give yourself the N°1 priority you deserve
 Regulate your emotional responses
Be a part of a group of caring, brutally honest and badass women like you
Feel supported, validated, and understood by fellow expats who know what you are going through!



The Pillars of Badass Expat Society

The perfect combination of:





Do you want to belong somewhere where you don’t have to explain the ups and downs of the expat life because everyone here goes through the same challenges?

If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated, lonely, or doubting if you can live abroad without losing your sanity…

that ends today!

Petya, Founding Member

Gabriela’s BES community is so supportive and amazing.

As an expat, I sometimes feel stranger in my host country and I have been able to talk through challenges and share fun/good moments not only with Gabriela but also with other members who are in similar situation.

I loved the feedback and the different prospective I have been able to get as well as listen to their challenges or good stories.


Ania, Founding Member

I love being part of Gabriela’s community.

Being an expat has many challenges that you don’t want to talk about with people from the country you live in to not sound ungrateful and you can’t really talk about them with your family because they will not understand you.

Gabriela managed to create a space where you will be heard and understood by her and other women with similar experiences. Her passion for helping expat women is undeniable and she is eager to help no matter what struggles you are facing.

The membership is full of useful resources about how to make your expat life the most enjoyable, plus you can ask her anything during the mastermind calls.

I recommend Badass Expat Society for anyone who is looking for a supportive, safe environment where you can truly be yourself.

What’s included in this community?

Group Calls

Bi-weekly (twice a month!) Zoom group calls with Gabriela – this will be for answering questions, masterminds, and support coaching.


Instant access to Expat Badass Academy Dashboard

Guest Experts

Monthly guest expert calls about all things improving expat life

Exclusive Methods

Immediate access to Gabriela’s materials & teachings 

Communication Channel

Access and support in our Discord Channel

Safe space!

A members-only private space to celebrate, vent, support, and learn from each other.


Hi! I’m Gabriela, a licensed psychologist with 20 years of experience, a hell of a community leader, and of course… an expat.​

I moved abroad more than a decade ago because of love. I’ve experienced insecurity, shame, loneliness, guilt, and stagnation.

I’ve been on the verge of burnout. I know how it is to feel anxious about pretty much everything (especially “basic” things like meeting new people in a foreign language or worrying about people back home!)

For so many years, I craved a space to talk about this, to feel understood and validated.

I started to provide this space to others. I’ve worked with over 400 expat women from all over the world. But I need more. I want to spread this message to ALL women living abroad:

“You can live the life you want and deserve. Wherever you are. Wherever you are heading”.

That’s why I created BES!

A safe place where you can talk about ANYTHING without worrying about what others are going to say.

You’ll get…

Tons of support.

No shame.




No judgment.




No toxic positivity.




And some butt kicks from time to time 😉

What is the safe space I’m talking about?


A confidential and trustful environment

The chance to express yourself without judgment from others
Connection with fellow expats that are experiencing similar challenges as you are
A place of genuine positivity and acceptance of all emotions.
An empowering setting where you’ll (re)connect with your inner resources and tools to cope with (new and old) challenges!

What You Will Definitely Not Find Here!

Any form of discrimination
Toxic positivity

Judgement or talking down

Homogeneity and cookie-cutter solutions.

Some common FAQ’s

How do I start?

After you choose and pay your monthly, yearly or vip yearly membership, you will get the application form.  When you are accepted, you’ll receive access to your account, with login credentials. 

You’ll get immediate access to all the content in the Dashboard and future Live Calls.

What exactly is included in the Badass Expats Society?
  • Bi-weekly (twice a month!) Zoom calls with me – you can ask me questions, and we will do masterminds and support coaching. 
  • You will get instant access to the Expat Badass Society Dashboard, which contains a lot of my materials and teachings, and that will increase every month with trainings and mastermind calls! 
  • Monthly guest expert calls about all things that can improve your expat life
  • Community and support in our Discord Channel, a members-only private space to celebrate, vent, support, and learn from each other.
Is BES for me?

Does this sound like you?

  • you are a woman living abroad and want to reclaim your confidence, learn skills to live a meaningful and fulfilled international life and connect with fellow expats who understand life outside the comfort of your home country
  • you want to actively participate and engage in the community
  • you are determined to invest in yourself and your personal growth
  • you understand that there are no magic results, and your commitment is necessary.

Then… yes! This is the membership you need.

How long do I have access to the content?

You will have access to all content provided while you are a member. When you cancel your membership, you lose access to the Dashboard, calls and trainings.

When will the live sessions be happening?

The live calls with me will be held in a private Zoom meeting twice a month and the guest experts’ calls will be taking place monthly. A calendar is provided in the BES Dashboard.

How long do you recommend for me to stay in the membership?

Well, as I planned it, you’ll get value until the end of times, so that’s my recommendation! 😉. But to take full advantage of the membership, 6 months is the bare minimum. 

Sustainable change takes time.  As opposite as you can see almost everywhere, there is no such thing as an overnight transformation. If you want to download something for a quick fix, this community isn’t for you!!

Apart from that, can you put a minimum time to:

➤ the friendships you are going to make

➤ the ongoing support you’ll get in our community channel

the continue-growing dashboard and library

I’d say, stay as long as you need friends, connection, growth and a happy international life!

Can I cancel anytime?

The Monthly Membership has a minimum commitment of 6 months. After 6 months, you can cancel anytime.

If you acquire the Yearly option or VIP Yearly option your membership is minimum 12 months and then renews automatically every year. After the initial 12 months you can cancel anytime.

Please be aware that once you cancel you’ll lose the access to the content immediately.

Why is there an application process?

This makes sure that we get people who fit in the community. I review every single application personally and make sure that everyone who is accepted into Badass Expats Society fits with my values and ethics! I am very protective of my clients, and this community, so I’ll vouch every badass woman that gets in. 

Is there a refund policy?

No, there isn’t. That’s why I conduct an application process. I don’t want to convince you no matter what.  I only want to work with people who are excited and fully committed to the process and community.

What if I want to work 1:1 with you?

Hell yeah, we can work together outside BES.  Check my offers here:

I have other questions, how can reach out?

Send me an email to

What are you waiting for?

Become a Founding member NOW!