Surely you have heard or read about the benefits of sessions online before but how exactly does it work? Just how exactly are these sessions held?

My online sessions have with the same structure as the traditional in-office format. The only difference is that it’s done through Videoconference with any platform that provides up-to-date- privacy and security and allows videoconference (e.g. Zoom)

benefits of online sessions

Some Advantages of Online Sessions

  • Flexibility: of time and place. You can attend a session anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet connection. And you can adapt your schedule according to your availability. Also, if you have mobility problems, you can have counselling without the difficulties of the commuting.

  • Continuity: If for some reason you cannot “arrive” to a session you can replace it with emails or WhatsApp audios/messages. You don´t have to interrupt the fluency and continuity of the process.

  • Anonymity: Only you and your counsellor will know about this session.

  • Lower costs: Due to the fact that you don’t have to travel and/or pay for public transport or fuel and parking for your car.

Of course, and in the same way as traditional psychotherapy and coaching, online therapy and coaching are strictly confidential.

If you have questions and want to know more about online sessions, let’s talk.

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Gabriela Encina - Psychologist & Expat Coach

Gabriela Encina is an online psychologist specialized in expat women and supports them with the guidance and tools they need to feel confident, make the best decisions for their lives, build and maintain meaningful relationships and prioritize their well-being.

Her approach is practical, solution-oriented and focused on the present.

Gabriela offers counseling to expat women in Spanish, English and German.