Congratulations, you move back home after living abroad!

Gabriela Encina - Psychologist & Expat Coach

Are you worried about how is going back home going to affect you and your family?

Does the thought of having to start again with your professional life back in your home country frustrates you?

Having to “explain” your decision of coming back feels unsettling?

Doubtful about feel the connection with your life in your country?

Don’t know how to re-bond with family and friends when you come back?



With my counseling, you will learn how to:


face the grieving process of saying goodbye to your friends and life abroad

cope with reverse cultural shock

understand and deal with the new challenges of being home again

match your expectations with the reality that’s waiting for you

adapt your new self to economic, social and personal changes that occurred while you were abroad

be open to meet new people and to reconnect with your old friends

being able to say: I’m part of this new land and I feel like I belong again.

This is the right time!

You are one step away from enjoying the process of moving abroad with ease and excitement!

If you are looking to:

🔶 Find structure and be able to prioritize.
🔶 Tackle limiting beliefs.
🔶 Gain clarity and confidence.
🔶 Save time, energy and money.
🔶 Live your international life the way you want.


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