Guest Expert – Activating your Creative Flow – Sara Matos

Activating your Creative Flow


Sara is a guide, complementary therapist and Makeup Artist based in London. Born in Lisbon, Portugal, Sara moved countries twice to pursue her dreams. One of her biggest gifts is her calming nature, which allows people to open up and feel comfortable being vulnerable.

She aims to help people retrieve the parts of themselves that were deemed unacceptable so they can feel safe to express themselves freely in the world, regardless of who is watching. Sara does this through the use of complementary therapies and the arts.

Her masterclass “Fall in love with your face™” is a safe space for people to fall in love with their reflection in the mirror and feel more confident in their own skin.

Her online membership “Seasons of the Rose Academy™” is a community focused on guiding people to bloom when they are ready and express themselves in the world freely, regardless of who is watching.

Sara also hosts live conversations with guests on her Facebook Profile called “I Show Up As I Am”, where the guests dive into the stories that led to embracing more of who they are and how they infuse those experiences and wisdom into their life right now.

Facebook & Instagram: @saraannesmatos