As an online psychologist for expats & internationals I’m offering you the professional expertise that allows me to be your anchor, your down-to-earth #1 fan who can help you reclaim your self-confidence, your purpose and your inner resources so that you can have a happy and thriving life, wherever you are, wherever you go!

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I can confidently say I now enjoy a level of mental freedom I had not had in a long time. Gabriela is very patient and kind, and she has, from day one, always allowed for our appointments to be a safe space where I can be myself, cry and laugh when needed. I highly and happily recommend her services to any and all!


Spanish Expat in the US

I’m a new person, and I’m not exaggerating.  I contacted Gabriela and she helped me collect the pieces and start to build my new powerful, confident, and resourceful me. Every session, every audio, every email, all of it helped me to be where I am now. I’m finally (after 5 years!!!!) enjoying my expat life.


German Expat in Chile

Sessions with Gabriela were a true revelation from day one. I had big aha moments, made lots of progress and also a few steps backwards. Knowing that she was always “by my side” gave me strength and made me feel safe at all times. I am deeply grateful for Gabriela’s guidance and can highly recommend working with her.


German (multiple) Expat and Repat

What challenges I will help you conquer:

Diminished self-confidence and self-esteem.

Overwhelm, anxiety, burnout.

Loneliness and lacking of a strong support network.

Disconnection from loved ones by hiding struggles and difficult emotions.

Troubles adjusting to a different culture and the language barrier.

Multicultural relationships conflicts.

Self-imposed demands and self-deprecation for not enjoying expat life as “supposed to.”

Shame, guilt and stagnation.

These are the ways I can help you:


The Expat Life YOU Want

1:1 SESSIONS, especially adapted to help you cope with challenges that life abroad triggers and exacerbates.

Regain your self-esteem and confidence, build strong relationships and move forward!

Dare to transform your life abroad THE WAY YOU WANT IT!


An Effective Strategy Session

In 90 Minutes we’ll create an ACTION PLAN that will give you CLARITY, STRUCTURE, and EASY-TO-APPLY STRATEGIES.

Say goodbye to procrastination, stay focused and accomplish your goals, to enjoy the journey to the international life YOU want!


Your Journey to Resilience

Strong, confident and comfortable in your life abroad. Each video has a journaling prompt that you can apply immediately.

Designed to build your resilience and self-confidence; it gives you strategies to deeply connect with the ones you love, overcome anxiety and prioritize yourself.

What you can expect when working with me:

Empathy and Understanding

I’ve been through what you’ve been through, so if you’re tired of explaining what you’re feeling right now and not being understood, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll talk from expat to expat, so you’ll feel heard and not judged.


My support is online and customized, so that you can have sessions from anywhere in the world and at a time that suits you. Also, I speak fluently Spanish, English and German, so we can switch if you need to (like I do!).

Support between sessions

For the time we work together, you’ll have 24/7 access to me, to elaborate on your thoughts, feelings, and share your insights. This is as helpful as the hour we spend together. Often, it takes longer than 1 hour to digest your discoveries.

Vast Experience

I have more than 20 years of experience, integrating and providing my knowledge and background in HR,  solution-oriented and focused on the present therapy and coaching strategies. I’ve helped over 300 internationals around the world!

Positivity and Freedom

A safe and secure place, where you can be and say whatever you want. I create that environment for you, as I am positive, honest, and open-minded.

Not ready to make a full commitment? Let me give you the insights, knowledge and tools to rebuild your identity and integrate all your experiences from back home and abroad. Get the Workshop:

Overcome Limiting Beliefs of Life Abroad

(spot and flip the 5 most common and damaging expat beliefs!)

Not sure if you and I are the right fit, and if you even need this?

We’ll get to know one another and have a chat. If you feel like I’m the person to help you move forward in your life from worry and pain to fulfillment and happiness – woohoo! Great!

But if not – No hard feelings. No pitches. No charge.

After the sessions we had together, I felt ready to enjoy my repatriate life. Above all, she showed me and made me understand that I had it all in me … just needed to be asked and ask the right questions. The answers were within me!  I can’t stress enough how much I recommend her!


Former Expat in Germany, Repat in Mexico.

gabriela encina online counseling expat

Gabriela is really competent, professional and direct, but also kind, witty and has the ability to detect what is actually was going on. Being an expat can be very stressful, but I now have the tools to handle it and not feel so alone anymore. I recommend you contact Gabriela!


Dutch Expat living in Austria

Gabriela has helped me to face difficult situations and to recognize positive aspects of living in another country. She is a very professional person who builds trust from the start. The sessions have helped me focus on my current life and better accept the present I am living. I would recommend her without hesitation.


Ecuadorian Expat living in Spain

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Expat?

Expat is short for Expatriate. The consensual definition of expatriate is “a person who, temporarily or permanently, resides in a country other than the country in which he or she was born.” I use the term expat to embody all words and concepts that have something to do with moving abroad: migrants, citizens of the world, digital nomads, permanent travellers, etc. The core: courageous people who follow the unknown, far from what they know and are at the beginning, middle or the end from their international adventure.

Is the online counseling you provide for me?

If you are feeling stuck, unsatisfied and like reaching your limit, yes, this is for you.

If you want to improve your life, move forward and learn how to be a fulfillinf and happy life, yes, this is for you.

If you want to understand yourself better and through that also the ones around you, yes, this is for you.

If you want uncomplicated, either short term or long term support by a mental health professional familiarized with expat and nomad life, yes, this is for you.


Can I work with a psychologist who lives in a different geography?

Absolutely. I wouldn’t let geography be the primary factor in finding the right psychologist for you. I welcome clients from anywhere in the world as long as you’re fluent in English, Spanish or German (the languages I am proficient in).
With my clients, I have our sessions over video conference which accommodates time zones and geographical locations.

What makes you unique?

My approach is formed by moments of reinventing my own life, my professional corporate background and my work as a licensed psychologist and certified coach. I work mostly with individuals who are navigating a major move by living in a different city or country. The kind of move that sends your life in a radically different direction, often into the unknown.

My clients appreciate that I offer a safe and secure place, where you can be and say whatever you want. I create that environment for you, as I am positive, honest, and open-minded.

Also, I speak fluently Spanish, English and German, so we can switch if you need to (like I do!).

I have a different question. How can I get in touch?

Do you have doubts and want to talk about prices, sessions, etc?

Contact me here or send me an email to hello@gabriela-encina.com, and I’ll reply to you very soon!