Congratulations, you are now an expat!

Gabriela Encina - Psychologist & Expat Coach

Are you feeling lonely and homesick, missing friends back home and not finding new meaninful relationships?

Do you feel stuck and with a sense of paralysis, not knowing where to begin?

Keen to immerse in the culture and language but reluctant to the possibility of misunderstandings?

Feeling dependent of your parnter, his/her family and the bureaucracy of your host country?

Seeing your fellow expats being succesful and happy and you can’t seem to reach that fulfillment?



With my counseling, you will learn how to:


gain back the sense of control over your life, independence and self-confidence

clarify and set new goals for your professional and personal life

manage stress and anxiety. No more sleepless nights!

embrace all your emotions and accept all of them as a part of your confident self

have a fulfilling and loving relationship that is strong, respectful, supportive

overcome the cultural shock, learn the language, understand and enjoy the new culture

build meaningful and deep friendships and stop the feeling of isolation!

This is the right time!

You are one step away from enjoying the process of moving abroad with ease and excitement!

If you are looking to:

🔶 Find structure and be able to prioritize.
🔶 Tackle limiting beliefs.
🔶 Gain clarity and confidence.
🔶 Save time, energy and money.
🔶 Live your international life the way you want.


 If you have a specific questions, you can contact me here: